The Water’s Edge, The Entrance, NSW

The Water's Edge is a delightful, welcoming place to sit and enjoy a coffee and some eggs benny all year round.

The Restaurant

The Water’s Edge is my absolute favourite little place locally to have brunch. The food, the view and the relaxed atmosphere here make it an unbeatable spot to soak in the sun on a warm summer’s morning.  The coveted lounge chairs right on the edge of the boardwalk are the best spot in the entire restaurant and, if truth be told, I have been known to move tables in the middle of a meal if one of these tables becomes available part way through the meal.  The welcoming and comfortable atmosphere lends The Water’s Edge to feeling like a restaurant run by friends.

In summer we park a few kilometres away and walk along the lakefront or shore to The Water’s Edge, have brunch and, after a coffee and some time enjoying the view, walk back to the car.  With Pelicans cruising by overhead, the laughter of children learning to paddleboard, the sun glinting off the water and the comforting thought that there is an ice-cream parlour within 30 metres, The Water’s Edge is the perfect setting for a morning in the sun.  And when the sun is hiding you can enjoy the spectacular view with glass paneled walls to sit by to stay out of the wind and rain.

The Food

Primarily a fish restaurant, The Water’s Edge does breakfast/brunch surprisingly well.  We were a little hesitant the first time we went for brunch knowing their superb lunch and dinner menu.  I can say I was impressed with the selection and lack of fish on the breakfast menu.  Their eggs benny is done to perfection and you can mix and match items from the menu – very important when the eggs benny doesn’t come with mushrooms as standard. To accompany your eggs and hollandaise, the choice of bacon, ham or salmon is yours.   They even have berocca on the menu for those slightly headachy, might-have-over-indulged-with-the-girls-last-night mornings. (Not that I would know anything about that.)

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Pizzas and Passports.

Or, ‘In Which We Ran into a Speed Hump in Life, Ordered a Pizza and Accidentally Went on a Metaphorical Journey’

Ahhh My Lovely Vagabonds,

Here I am again in front of my keyboard waffling on.  But I call it a journey because it was.  Journeys often take you somewhere new, teach you things and leave you with a sense of change.  And getting passports for our girls certainly did all that.

Well, that was disturbingly deep.  Let’s get on with the part that ultimately leads to laughter and shenanigans.

So, a couple of years ago we decided we wanted to take our kids on a cruise.  It had been Bek’s dream forever to leave the country to see new places and discover a whole new world <cue Aladdin music>.  On a limited income it was going to be tricky, but we discussed it with the kids and decided that the cruise would be their Christmas(and birthday) gift and we would have a nice quiet Chrissy at home together.  We booked a cruise to the Pacific Islands (I was super excited because I had never been to Fiji before) and my parents booked as well.  What a family vacation!

I bought new clothes and swimmers, made reading towels for all the girls as they had plans to sun themselves on tropical beaches reading good books.  I bought good books.  Wrapped them all and put them under the Christmas tree.

Christmas came and went; it was lovely.  Everyone was excited about the trip and no one regretted giving up big fancy gifts in favour of our holiday.  Unfortunately the excitement didn’t last for long and we had to cancel the holiday.

We had thought there would be no problem getting passports for the girls but sadly after a speed hump in the road of life, their father refused to resign the forms.  Frustrating to say the least.  Emails back and forth trying to talk it out between us didn’t seem to get us anywhere and after 8 months I knew it was never going to happen.

But I’m not one to give up so easily, so I applied to get passports without both parent’s consent.  Seven months (yes, that’s right, 7 months!) and many phone calls to the ombudsman’s office later we had an answer.

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