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It feels like forever since I last wrote to you, My Brunch Loving Vagabonds,

I know I have been curiously absent from my keyboard of late, I simply have not had the energy to write.  Which is a new phenomenon for me.  I love to write more than anything.  Even more than I love chocolate and that is an awful lot.  Sometimes life has a way of taking over and rushing you forward through time like a raging river.  Other times it can meander along gently like a stream, letting you take in the sights of the journey.

The last couple of months I have been white water rafting through river caves.  I contracted a two and a half month long virus that made me so tired I could barely stand outside work hours. Gradually I was able to get further through each day without needing to sleep or lock myself in a dark room to ride out a migraine until I was back to my usual effervescent self.   As soon as that had completely left me, my father-in-law ended up in hospital (he’s okay) and the last week has consisted of up to three trips to the hospital per day.  Not that I begrudge any of it, I feel very blessed to work so close to the hospital that I could spend my lunch breaks visiting with him.  It has just left very little time for anything else in life and by the end of the week I was completely and utterly exhausted.

So here I am, having not participated in my own challenge for four weeks and feeling desperate to get things back on track again. I don’t necessarily need routine, but I do need to feel in control and know I have time to hide from the world and recoup my spoons (not as weird as it sounds, I’ll explain more about the spoons theory another day). Next week you can expect me to be reporting in on how I am going with week 6 of my Mindfulness Challenge – ‘embrace vulnerability by trusting others and myself’.  This sounds like a particularly difficult one to do and it is one of those weeks I was expecting to crash and burn in when I first started out.  I’ll explain more about that next week after I’ve had a chance to flex my burgeoning mindfulness muscles again.

I’m not a winter-ish kind of person, so being stuck inside in the warm under the covers has not been an imposition at all. I think we can all agree the best thing about winter is curling up in bed to snuggle and listen to the rain on the roof.  Sure, there is snow and also the joy that comes from jumping on a cruise ship and sailing away from the rain to the Pacific Islands, but for an everyday experience, listening to the rain on the roof is where it is at.  I will say that after I began to recoup from the virus we had some wonderful times together and I was reminded how good life can be.  For instance, we planned and pulled off our inaugural staycation weekend, I supported my youngest to try and reconnect with her father, we went for brunch several times (tip for new players on the Central – head out to the Old Milk Factory for a meal. It is wonderful and amazing in equal parts), went on a date with my husband and supported a family struggling to find a peaceful solution to their issues.

Although the last four weeks have rocketed past in a blur of exhaustion and hospital visits,the thing that has been impressed upon me while I’ve been sick and busy is gratitude.   I had been going to work each day and then heading home to go to bed as soon as possible.  And I even took a few days off as I was too exhausted to leave the house.  On those days where I was struggling to get out of bed I would look through facebook between naps (who would have thought I had reached the age where naps are a reward not a punishment); it was delightful to view the most wonderful memories showed to me by Facebook’s helpful algorithm every day.

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Living in a seaside area, we often chose to go on holidays during winter as we have a veritable playground at our fingertips in summer. Watching our winter memories pour in over the last few weeks has given me so much to be grateful for.  And I am grateful for the opportunity to see them all again.

As always

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