The Fat Goose, Hardys Bay, NSW

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The Restaurant

Winding roads amidst tree lined hills lead you along one of the most scenic drives on the Coast.  So much so that the road leading in is called ‘Scenic Drive’.  Past the tourist traps of Terrigal and the stunning views out over Brisbane Water, the drive to Hardy’s Bay is part of the experience of this brunch outing.

This delightful little café is tucked in alongside the always popular Old Killcare Store and offers indoor and alfresco seating as well as take away orders.  What the building lacks in cosmopolitan style it makes up for in warmth and character.  Which in my opinion is much nicer than the spurious indy feel of Starbucks.  Bottles of Fat Goose branded sauces and spreads line shelves, the ambient light picking up the reds and oranges and making them almost glow.  Tables are nestled together near windows inside and out in the sunshine we watch people laughing and chatting, enjoying the unseasonable warmth.  Stroller friendly and dog friendly, the atmosphere is one of community.

The Food

Although the menu does feature an all day breakfast I couldn’t resist completely ignoring the reason I was out and ordering from the lunch menu.  Who can say no to a portobello mushroom burger stuffed with 3 different cheeses and smashed avocado?  Not me, that’s who.


The Fat Goose offers a wide range of meals, enough to satisfy most palates, budgets and .  It is a bakery, a café, a restaurant and a patisserie.  One of the reasons we had chosen The Fat Goose was because their menus and pricing are on their website and everything looked so delicious and affordable.  If you’re curious about what is on offer follow the link at the bottom of the page and head to the cafe tab.  All the meals are reasonably priced, well presented and there was not a single complaint from around our table as we tucked in to frittatas, burgers, scrambled eggs and piping hot coffees.

I don’t know if it is a problem everywhere or just the places I have been going recently but have been finding that often when eating out around public holidays restaurants are often out of things.  After welcoming us and giving us our menus the waitress let us know what bakery items they were out of already, and this was just before midday.  After ordering one of our party was informed that they were also out of a key ingredient and offered a very suitable substitute, so no harm done there.

Above and Beyond

Located and hour and half drive from Sydney, Hardy’s Bay is a mere 20 minute ferry ride from Palm Beach.  Call ahead and staff will arrange to pick you up from Wagstaffe once you step off the ferry.

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