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Somersby Falls, Central Coast, NSW

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I can’t speak highly enough of this little picnic area located, not surprisingly, in Sommersby. It is a delightful spot for a walk, a picnic, a bbq or (as I am quite fond of) a sneaky spot of lunchtime yoga if you work nearby.  Water spilling over lichen covered rocks in this picturesque rainforest location presents a multitude of photo opportunities and serene spots to sit and listen to the water cascading down the falls, meditate or read a book.

Somersby Falls NSW Quick Guide
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Multifarious bird life, sandwich loving bush turkeys and water monitors and abound in this corner of Brisbane Water National Park. Well maintained steps and natural pathways lead you down the hill to viewing platforms and access points to the falls.  In the pools at the base of Lower Falls you will often see children and young people in swimsuits enjoying a paddle in the shallow water.  If you are very lucky, on a quiet day you may spot a turtle making the most of the tourist free solitude.

Somersby Falls is open 8 am to 5 pm and  has extended opening hours during daylight savings staying open to 8 pm. Coming from Gosford take the Central Coast Highway up the hill through Kariong and turn right onto Wisemans Ferry Road.  Turn left at the second roundabout onto Somersby Falls Road and keep an eye out for the Thermit building, you’ll see a small sign directing you to turn left not far after this to continue on Somersby Falls Road and head in to the National Park.  The Picnic Area is free to access but parking is $8.  Don’t be one of the asshats who park outside the National Park to avoid spending the lose change it costs to use the car park.  Parking money goes towards the upkeep of the park. Don’t be that person.  You know the one.  The one that thinks that they are too good to have to participate in the community the rest of us share.  Or the one that thinks they are awesome for ripping off the man.  It’s $8 dude, pull your head in.  If you use National Parks a lot, head here to get a multi park pass, brilliant value.  At $65 for the year I save quite a bit of money on entry and parking, I’ll never be without one again.

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