What To Do When Your Room Key Stops Working on Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines.

Greetings and Salutations my curious friends,

The first time I was standing in the hallway, inoperable room key in hand, we were just hours into our trip.  We had made it to our rooms, unpacked, booked our dinner reservations, met family for a spot of afternoon tea and watched the ship pull out of Sydney Harbour as the sunset shone brilliantly off the Opera House.  Upon returning to our room I was met with a spot of bother.  I swiped my card and tried the door.


I swiped it again, but slower.


No matter how many times I swiped, or how many different speeds I swiped at, my key card would not work.

Thankfully I had my Husband-In-Tow and he was able to open the door as I headed off in search of help to fix my key.  The most obvious place to start was Guest Services on Deck Five.

Being the first day of the cruise, the line at guest services was a little long but thankfully the main rush from embarkation was over by this stage.  In the line in front of me in tears was an elderly Italian woman with very limited English.  The woman from a neighbouring cabin had brought her down to guest services as she was very distressed having been locked out as well.  After expressing my understanding as I was in the same position, I was unceremoniously put in charge of looking after the distressed older lady while her neighbour went off to continue enjoying her holiday.

After helping my new friend with her room card, the tall, suave man with a delicious accent explained to me that the cards demagnetise because they are kept near phones and the like.  I am not sure exactly how true that is considering I wore mine around my neck on a lanyard the whole time, never near my phone.

Over the course of our ten day cruise, my trip to Guest Services became a regular occurrence.  At least every other day I made my pilgrimage to Deck Five for a new door key, as did other members of our party.  At one stage I was there twice in one day for a new card.  In the end I got a copy of the kids’ door keys just in case they were locked out and kept them on my lanyard.  The keys that is, not the kids. And if your room key stops opening the door, chances are it will not work to purchase anything either, so I would recommend getting it replaced on the way to the bar.

TL;DR: If your room key stops working, don’t worry.  It happens quite a bit and can be quickly and easily replaced at guest services.

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