7 Weeks of Living Mindfully E-Course

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Need to make a change to live – and love – every moment?  This 7 week challenge will inspire you to live a more mindful live and give you the tools to put it in to practice.

With helpful tips, tools, links and ideas delivered directly to your inbox you will learn to:

  • Approach everyday things with curiosity – and savour them.
  • Forgive your mistakes, big or small.
  • Show gratitude for good moments – and grace for bad ones.
  • Practice compassion and nurture connections.
  • Make peace with imperfection – inside and out.
  • Embrace vulnerability by trusting others – and yourself.
  • Accept –and appreciate – that things come and go.

I promise there will be no kittens hanging by a paw urging you to ‘just hang in there’.


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