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Second day of the work week.  I start at 8:30 am.  I like to leave time for unforeseen traffic so I am often 15 – 20 minutes early for work.  What I didn’t account for was the fact that

  1. I am an idiot and
  2. There was a public holiday on Monday so it was actually Wednesday today, not Tuesday.

Ever the optimist I seized the opportunity to be glad I had an extra 45 minutes up my sleeve before I had to be at work and decided to head down to a little cafe I had been dying to have my lunch break at for quite some time. What a brilliant opportunity to have early Brunch.  Also known as breakfast in some circles, but I don’t do breakfast.  Breakfast is for people who haven’t mastered the art of sleeping in.  Amateurs.

The Restaurant

Eat Street Cafe is a prefab building at the carpark near the waterfront in Gosford, NSW.  Not sold yet?  I’m not surprised, but you will be. Surprised and sold that is.  Beautifully decorated with superbly finished timber and heritage elements, Eat Street Cafe is an outdoor eatery with a difference.  Not aiming for shabby chic or modern trends Eat Street oozes its own unique, comfortable street side atmosphere.  Every person that walks in is treated like a valued customer with staff going out of their way to learn people’s names. Relaxed seating is available if you are in the mood to watch the world go by, or you could grab a takeaway and wander 20 paces to sit by on the waterfront and lazily enjoy the sail boats drifting past.

I think this is a place that you will either love or hate.  I’ve not heard any middle of the road opinions on this place.  Personally, I love it.  I have only experienced friendly, prompt service and good food in a relaxed environment.

The Food

This is not the place to come if you’re looking for a la carte dining, any style of cuisine with the words modern, fusion or degustation in it or even something that is not going to make your GP cringe when testing your cholesterol levels. But if you are looking for good aussie burger joint with a difference, this is it.  Not a ‘Greasy Joes’ style eatery, the burgers and chips here are free of that nasty sheen of oil you find at sub-par takeaways.

I’ve been here for brunch more than once. And while the banana bread (a staple favourite of mine no matter where I am) was fantastic, the next day I was up for more of an adventure*.  The all day breakfast beckoned and I was tempted by the Breaky Roll.  I cannot fully explain how happy this chorizo laden bacon and egg roll drizzled with aoli made me.  The fact I went back the next day just to try their nachos probably says enough.**  From crispy, perfectly cooked chips to barista made coffee, this little shack by the shore has got everything you need for a burger fix.

*note to self – do not admit to people you went back three days in a row.
**note to new players – ask for chorizo on your nachos. <goes into a food induced happiness spiral>


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