Date Night on Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas Three Ways

Well hello there, my Romantic Little Vagabonds,


Taking the family on a cruise doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice couples time. Nor does cruising as a couple on a strict budget mean that you can’t have the kind of fun and memorable night out that you would pay a small fortune for on shore. Wondering what to do on a cruise when you want to have a romantic night out aboard the ship? With built in babysitters aboard and plenty of free food and activities to choose from, your evenings needn’t be run of the mill while cruising aboard Royal Caribbean’s Explorer of the Seas.

Free and Fun-Loving


Just because you are confined to the boundaries of your ship and budget doesn’t mean you can’t have a fun-filled night with your partner on a cruise. How about a date night that is straight out of a 1950’s American sitcom? (Minus the canned laughter and cheesy looks to camera.) And makes the most of your fare inclusions. Perfect! I hear you cry. Well read on my friend.

What could be more 1950’s teen date than a slice of pizza, mini-golf and a drive-in movie? Sure, you may not be able to drive up to the screen, but with an outdoor movie screen on Deck 11 you can still cuddle up and watch a movie under the stars.


The relaxed and chattery Café Promenade is where you will begin your fun-loving date. Grab a slice of pizza (or five) and if you’re feeling like something sweet afterwards there are plenty of delicious bite sized desserts to chose from. Since you’re doing this date without swiping your cruise card, there is bottomless lemonade to wash it all down with at the Café Promenade.

Fuelled up on pizza and American style lemonade, it’s time to revel in the joy that is mini-golf under the stars. The Explorer has a 9 hole miniature golf course on Deck 13 for you to while away the time putting and laughing at your partner as they miss their shot as the ship lists to the side a little harder than expected.

Finish the night watching a movie out under the stars on Deck 11. Push your deckchairs together and curl up under a blanket you’ve grabbed from your stateroom to add to the drive-in movie feel of the evening. If you’re very lucky he’ll pretend to yawn and put his arm around you as he’s stretching…

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For those of you who have a fun loving spirit, bring some 1950’s themed attire and dress to match your carefree date from an era gone by.

Relaxed and Romantic


Looking for a night of relaxed romance where you can enjoy good food, great company, a few drinks with live music and top it all off with a romantic dip in the pool under the star? I can’t help you with the company, Hubby says I am not allowed to date other people for free cruises. Selfish, right? But if you’ve got the company sorted already, try starting with dinner at Giovanni’s Table.

Dine on fabulous Italian food in a relaxed atmosphere at Giovanni’s. From antipasto to creamy sauces, focaccia to crisp salads and pasta dishes to die for, a meal at Giovanni’s Table is the perfect way to start your evening together. Giovanni’s does charge a cover fee of about US$25 per person, so if you are looking to cut the costs, dine at the Sapphire for a delicious meal that is already included in your fare. There is a diverse menu every night and the larger, busier atmosphere should not detract from your time together.

Hand in hand, stroll along the Royal Promenade to the Crown & Kettle on Deck 5. This old English style pub has live music each night. The wood panelled bar and low lighting, coupled with the live guitar music makes for a cosy and relaxed atmosphere to talk about the day’s events or reminisce about that hilarious time that you did that thing. That thing was awesome. Be careful to check the night’s events in your Cruise Compass before planning to head out on this date. The last thing you want when you’re trying to spend some special time together is to get caught in a parade down the promenade or have your conversation drowned out by a 60’s themed dance party outside the pub.

Round out your relaxed, romantic evening of dining and drinking with a swim under the stars in the adults only pool area. This quieter area of Deck 11 is the perfect place for a little PG rated canoodling as the water gently laps against your shoulders.

Dressed to Kill and an Evening to Match


Almost every girl loves to get dressed up and taken out on the town occasionally. The ritual of putting on your make-up and the look on his face when he sees you that makes all the hours practicing the perfect smoky eyes worth it.

After getting picked up at your door by your beau (you have my permission to banish him for the time you need to get ready just so you can see his jaw drop when he picks you up), walk arm in arm to R Bar on Deck 5. This retro 60’s style bar will mix your favourite cocktails for you to kick your killer evening off in style.

If you are dressed to the nines and wanting the best dining option on board, the Chef’s Table is where you will want to have booked your reservation tonight. At approximately $95 per person for this food and wine extravaganza, your tastebuds will be tantalised in an evening of culinary decadence.

Time to take in a Broadway style show with waiters that will bring the drinks to straight your seat at the Palace Theatre. Take it easy on the cocktails because after your show you are off dancing to the live music at Star Lounge. Or perhaps trying your luck at the casino is more up your alley. Can’t decide? ¿Por qué no los dos?

Dancing shoes turned in and luck thoroughly tested to its limits, grab a bottle of bubbly and head back up to your stateroom to enjoy every moment of the wee hours of the night any way you see fit.

Whatever your idea of a great night out with your favourite person in the world, you’re sure to find something to bring a splash of romance to your ocean-bound evenings.

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