Blue Mountains and Breaking Down

Or ‘In Which We Tried to go to the Jenolan Caves and ended up Visiting a Stranger’s Long Departed Grandmother’

Hellllo My Cherubic Vagabonds

One of the things I love about living where I do is the amount of amazing places I can drive to for a day trip.  Sydney, Canberra, Blue Mountains and Heatherbrae Pies to name a few.  Though Canberra is for those special occasions that you feel like driving 3 hours each way.

As I’ve said before, I love giving a good surprise.  And with 2 of my children away, I decided it was time for some surprise quality time with our youngest.  (Now I say it like that, it kind of sounds a little bit like it’s…not-quite-welcome quality time I’m trying t force on her by stealth.)

I discussed it with hubby the night before and we decided to take her to the Blue Mountains for on overnight trip to investigate the Jenolan Caves.  I booked a hotel (one of the only ones available at such short notice) and packed the car up while our daughter was asleep.

The next morning I packed a picnic and told her that we were going for a drive to explore.  Knowing it was a long drive to get out the other side of Sydney where we were planning to stop at an old cemetery (a thing she loooves to do) I had her pack a few things to do in the car in case she got bored.

Off we set.

All was going swimmingly for the first hour of our journey.  Then we got to Carlingford.

It is about this point in the story where things go horribly wrong.  Both hubby and I looked at each other and said ‘Our car shouldn’t be doing that’.  And mere seconds later we were pulled over at a service station with the hood up and looks of this-would-be-funny-if-it-weren’t-such-an….no-its-almost-funny were running across our faces.

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