6 Tips to Feeling and Staying Healthy on a Cruise Ship (and One to Avoid Passing on Viruses)

It’s a story we’re hearing more and more coming out of cruise ships, dreaded gastro viruses ripping through the holiday makers turning the trip of a lifetime into an intimate acquaintance with a vacuum operated toilet bowl. Check out our best tips to staying healthy on a cruise ship. www.brunchfuelledvagabond.com

It’s a story we’re hearing more and more coming out of cruise ships, dreaded gastro viruses ripping through the holiday makers turning the trip of a lifetime into an intimate acquaintance with a vacuum operated toilet bowl.  As I write there is a 24 hour gastro bug going around the ship I am on and at this stage I have avoided getting sick even though it has ripped through the 3 male members of our travelling group.  And at the beginning of the holiday we had a few members of our family feel a little ‘squiffy’ while they were getting used to the constant motion of the ship.  Below are a few tips to feeling and staying healthy at sea.

One: Location, Location, Location      www.brunchfuelledvagabond.com

If you are worried about getting ‘sea sick’ book a room with a window (a balcony is better if you can afford it) at the fulcrum of the boat – half way down and as close to the middle as you can get.  These rooms experience the least movement on the waves like the middle of a seasaw.  If you are feeling ill, look out the window (or get some fresh air if you are in a balcony room) and focus on the horizon, it is a steady straight line that doesn’t rock with you.

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Mindfulness Challenge – Week 1

Need to make a change to live and love your life as an everyday adventure? Sign up for The Brunch Fuelled Vagabond's Free 7 Weeks of Living Mindfully Challenge. www.brunchfuelledvagabond.com/7-weeks-to-mindful-living-free-ecourse

So this week has been the first week of the living mindfully challenge I set down for myself. Like I said last week, I wanted to try and incorporate the ‘7 things that mindful people do differently’ principles that can be found on my Mindfulness and Grounding Pinterest board into my everyday life.  Sometimes things and stuff are difficult and I struggle to adult – hence adding one principle in per week.  The aim is to make lasting changes rather than rush in to life changes and then get overwhelmed trying to stick to them.

The challenge

For the next 7 weeks I will be tackling a new way of thinking and approaching life each week.  On mindful.org Dr Elisha Goldstein, author of The Now Effect, states that the 7 things mindful people do differently are:

  1. Approach everyday things with curiosity – and savour them.
  2. Forgive their mistakes, big or small.
  3. Show gratitude for good moments – and grace for bad ones.
  4. Practice compassion and nurture connections.
  5. Make peace with imperfection – inside and out.
  6. Embrace vulnerability by trusting others – and themselves.
  7. Accept –and appreciate – that things come and go.

Short sentences with big repercussions.

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Blue Mountains and Breaking Down

Or ‘In Which We Tried to go to the Jenolan Caves and ended up Visiting a Stranger’s Long Departed Grandmother’

Hellllo My Cherubic Vagabonds

One of the things I love about living where I do is the amount of amazing places I can drive to for a day trip.  Sydney, Canberra, Blue Mountains and Heatherbrae Pies to name a few.  Though Canberra is for those special occasions that you feel like driving 3 hours each way.

As I’ve said before, I love giving a good surprise.  And with 2 of my children away, I decided it was time for some surprise quality time with our youngest.  (Now I say it like that, it kind of sounds a little bit like it’s…not-quite-welcome quality time I’m trying t force on her by stealth.)

I discussed it with hubby the night before and we decided to take her to the Blue Mountains for on overnight trip to investigate the Jenolan Caves.  I booked a hotel (one of the only ones available at such short notice) and packed the car up while our daughter was asleep.

The next morning I packed a picnic and told her that we were going for a drive to explore.  Knowing it was a long drive to get out the other side of Sydney where we were planning to stop at an old cemetery (a thing she loooves to do) I had her pack a few things to do in the car in case she got bored.

Off we set.

All was going swimmingly for the first hour of our journey.  Then we got to Carlingford.

It is about this point in the story where things go horribly wrong.  Both hubby and I looked at each other and said ‘Our car shouldn’t be doing that’.  And mere seconds later we were pulled over at a service station with the hood up and looks of this-would-be-funny-if-it-weren’t-such-an….no-its-almost-funny were running across our faces.

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Mindful Monday: Find your Generosity of Spirit

Come for a walk and find your generosity of spirit this Mindful Monday. www.brunchfuelledvagabond.com/find-your-generosity-of-spirit

Here we are again, My Darling Vagabonds

Telling you about the importance of looking at the beauty in the world instead of the boring train tracks and power lines that seem to clutter everything up last Monday reminded me of a walk I took one lunch time.  And in true it-must-be-a-sign-even-though-I-don’t-believe-in-signs-so-it-is-clearly-a-coincidence-I’m-going-to-nod-my-head-and-say-huh-in-an-annoyingly-knowing-way-about kind of way I came across an article on Pinterest about the 7 things that Mindful People Do Differently.

I’m not sure that this story fits neatly into any of those boxes but to me it certainly illustrates how our attitudes change the way we experience life.  And it is the beginning of a challenge I am setting for myself, and for you.  But more on that in a moment.  For now to the story…

It was a sunny day and the route down to the boardwalk I like to use takes me past a vacant lot, lots of trash, a dual lane highway, mosquitoes breeding in stagnant puddles… you get the idea.  With my eyes firmly fixed on the green field ahead and my face turned to the sun (in a feel-the-warmth-on-my-face way, not a blinded-because-I’m-an-idiot-who-stared-at-the-big-ball-of-burning-gas kind of way) I felt the stress of work slip away as I walked in the sunshine with Ed Sheeran playing through my headphones.

[supsystic-gallery id=’8′]

As I walked through the trees I could easily have focussed on the abandoned shopping trolley, the trash in the water or the muggy mangrove air.  Instead I saw blue wrens hopping across the ground, the fluffy seed pods floating through the dappled sunlight and the homeless man sitting on the boardwalk shooting up 20 feet ahead of me.

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Pizzas and Passports.

Or, ‘In Which We Ran into a Speed Hump in Life, Ordered a Pizza and Accidentally Went on a Metaphorical Journey’

Ahhh My Lovely Vagabonds,

Here I am again in front of my keyboard waffling on.  But I call it a journey because it was.  Journeys often take you somewhere new, teach you things and leave you with a sense of change.  And getting passports for our girls certainly did all that.

Well, that was disturbingly deep.  Let’s get on with the part that ultimately leads to laughter and shenanigans.

So, a couple of years ago we decided we wanted to take our kids on a cruise.  It had been Bek’s dream forever to leave the country to see new places and discover a whole new world <cue Aladdin music>.  On a limited income it was going to be tricky, but we discussed it with the kids and decided that the cruise would be their Christmas(and birthday) gift and we would have a nice quiet Chrissy at home together.  We booked a cruise to the Pacific Islands (I was super excited because I had never been to Fiji before) and my parents booked as well.  What a family vacation!

I bought new clothes and swimmers, made reading towels for all the girls as they had plans to sun themselves on tropical beaches reading good books.  I bought good books.  Wrapped them all and put them under the Christmas tree.

Christmas came and went; it was lovely.  Everyone was excited about the trip and no one regretted giving up big fancy gifts in favour of our holiday.  Unfortunately the excitement didn’t last for long and we had to cancel the holiday.

We had thought there would be no problem getting passports for the girls but sadly after a speed hump in the road of life, their father refused to resign the forms.  Frustrating to say the least.  Emails back and forth trying to talk it out between us didn’t seem to get us anywhere and after 8 months I knew it was never going to happen.

But I’m not one to give up so easily, so I applied to get passports without both parent’s consent.  Seven months (yes, that’s right, 7 months!) and many phone calls to the ombudsman’s office later we had an answer.

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Mindful Monday: Look Past the Mundane


I don’t know about you, but sometimes work feels never ending.  And on just the odd occasion, I feel a little stabby too.  One of the good things about my job is that I work alone a lot of the time.  One of the bad things is that I work alone a lot of the time.  It’s a vicious cycle. The introvert in me loves the solitude, the extrovert misses the company.

Mindful Monday with The Brunch Fulled Vagabond. Stop waiting for your time. Your time is now. I’ve practiced yoga atop a waterfall. I’ve picnicked at the waterfront watching sailboats drift by. I’ve walked to take photos of the flowers in bloom. I’ve sat and listened to the breeze in the trees. And I’ve read under the blossoms of a wisteria vine. All in my lunch break. It takes practice to see beauty behind the graffiti and I can’t encourage you enough to start today. www.brunchfuelledvagabond.com
Yoga Views Tend to be a Little Obscured

I spend hours on end in a windowless office staring at a computer screen coming up with new ways to tell the same story over and over with the end of the day always far too far away.  It can make me a little despondent, tired and stir crazy.  My hour long lunch break seems especially long on days that I’m working alone.  I’d much rather have a shorter break and head home earlier so I can relax.

Not so long ago it occurred to me that I am looking at my break all wrong.  I have an hour for lunch.  That is inordinately long for a lunch break, especially for me.  I’m used to not getting a break at all in my old job.  I have a whole hour where there are no demands on my time.  No children to look after.  No boss to please.  No husband to pay attention to. Nothing but my time in the middle of the day.  So I started to do things that allowed me to enjoy my break time, instead of using it to mill around eating the minties we put out for clients and wishing I could go home sooner.

Look Past the Mundane to the things that lift you up. Experience Mindful Mondays with The Brunch Fuelled Vagabond. www.brunchfuelledvagabond.com


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Eat Brunch. No really, best life advice ever.

Print this slightly unhelpful, but ultimately right, recipe for eggs benedict. www.brunchfuelledvagabond.com/eggsbennyI love eggs benedict.  For starters it is made of 2 parts happiness and 1 part relaxation – how can you not love that?  There is no better way to start a weekend than a lie in, eggs benny and a good book.  It is a recipe for total bliss.  Too often we get caught up running around doing all the things that need to be done.  And those things are important.  But so is truly loving your life.  Experiencing the moment you are in.  And making the most out of every moment we have together.  Join me for brunch?


Let's Do Brunch. Eggs Benny is the most decadent and relaxing part of the day. Aside from wine. Wine is also good. www.brunchfuelledvagabond.com/eggsbenny

  • 2 eggs
  •  2 large mushrooms
  •  A sprinkle of fresh rosemary
  •  Handful of baby spinach
  •  Knob of butter
  • Whatever kind of bread type product you like – English muffins, Turkish bread, thick cut toast.  Or in my case, gluten free English Muffins.
  • Nudie brand orange juice

Enhanced Happiness Options
Avocado, bacon, brie, halloumi, chai latte.

Let's Do Brunch. Eggs Benny is the most decadent and relaxing part of the day. Aside from wine. Wine is also good. www.brunchfuelledvagabond.com/eggsbenny

Hollandaise sauce is time consuming, fiddly and creates dishes. And while I appreciate how good the real deal is, the point of brunch is decadent laziness.  And dishes are neither decadent nor lazy.  To avoid worrying about your sauce splitting and making a mess you have to clean, substitute homemade hollandaise for Birch & Waite Hollandaise Sauce. It is found in the fridge near the veggies in Woollies.

Let's Do Brunch. Eggs Benny is the most decadent and relaxing part of the day. Aside from wine. Wine is also good. www.brunchfuelledvagabond.com/eggsbenny

  • Put a pot of water on to boil or break out your egg poacher if you have one.
  • Slice your mushrooms and finely chop the rosemary.
  • Melt butter in a pan and add mushrooms and rosemary.
  • Pour a glass of juice, take a sip and remember exactly how good Nudie Brand juices are.
  • Smile.
  • Put eggs in to poach.
  • Consider doing something productive with your day.
  • Laugh.  Productive?  You’re funny.
  • Check you aren’t burning the mushrooms and add the baby spinach to wilt.
  • Toast whatever bread type product takes your fancy this morning.
  • Heat your hollandaise.  Be careful not to overheat or it will split.
  • Pour another juice, you know you drank the first one already.
  • Assemble.
  • Find the nicest, most comfortable spot in the house/in the garden/on the balcony to sit.
  • Read, eat eggs benny and forget the world exists for a moment.

Print this slightly unhelpful, but ultimately right, recipe for eggs benedict. www.brunchfuelledvagabond.com/eggsbenny


Thankful Moments found in the Dawn


Last night was a long night.  I won’t horrify bore you with the details of the darkness that kept me awake most of the night, suffice to say that I was almost a zombie when my hubby’s alarm woke me at 6 am. So now it is 6:30 and instead of being irritated that his alarm woke me when I was finally getting some sleep, I am grateful that he cares enough to help me find beauty in the morning.

Awareness of the colour of the light coming through the curtains was gradually penetrating* my foggy exterior but I had yet to rouse myself to look outside.  Hubby came in and told me that the sunrise was spectacular and I should have a look at it.  He pulled aside the curtains and after seeing the gorgeous golden sun stream through our window I couldn’t resist going outside to soak it in.

The sunrise making everything glow, the cool breeze on my face, the kookaburras heralding the dawn and the dew tickling my toes made me thankful just to be in that moment and chased away the night time terrors.

*still not a good enough reason to use the word penetrate**

**bonus cookie for those who can identify the movie quote

Live in the Moment. Breathe Deep. Make a Start


I’m properly mental. Not in the licking-windows-and-owning-57-cats way. More the suffer-from-a-generalised-anxiety-disorder-and-refuse-to-grow-up kind of way.

One of the things about that is that I have issues with perfectionism. Not that I’m perfect in any way or that things I do are perfect, more that I have trouble seeing anything I do as good enough, relinquishing control or starting things if I don’t think they will be as good as I want them to be.

Mindful Mondays with The Brunch Fuelled Vagabond. Copacabana, NSW. www.brunchfuelledvagabond.com

I was practicing mindfulness at the beach yesterday while waiting for my daughter to be out of therapy (it’s not just me that is proper mental in my family)and a thought popped in to my head that I should have a section for mindfulness on my site. Then I thought that I couldn’t do it because I don’t have my proper camera with me. Then I thought about the fact that I haven’t found the voice I want to use to write this site. And then… Well you can see where this is going. But the end of the story is that I realised that it is my issue with perfectionism that is stopping me from really starting this site. And that I am not going to find my voice unless I actually start writing.

So here is. This is me starting the first post for Brunch Fuelled Vagabond. Even though I am convinced it is not going to be good enough.

Mindful Mondays with The Brunch Fuelled Vagabond. Copacabana, NSW. www.brunchfuelledvagabond.com

And it about something I think we should do more of. Really experiencing the world we are living in. And the moment we are living in. Mindfulness.

Often when Ash is at her psychologist I will take a walk down to the beach, do some yoga or just sit and enjoy the sound of the waves crashing and children playing. Today I decided to turn left (much like Donna in Doctor Who but without the drastic earth changing results and creepy beetle).